HCL is ready for Brexit


At HCL we are committed to providing the best quality food and excellent level of service to you at all times.

With the effects of EU transition being discussed more over the last weeks, including long queues and delays leading to potential food shortages, rationing and specifically for education caterers having to amend the School Food Standards, please be assured that we are working closely with our suppliers. They all have individual contingency plans in place, to best deal with the transition based on the most up to date information available to them, to ensure there is as little disruption to your catering service as possible.

We proudly purchase a large amount of British produce including meat, milk, cheese, eggs, with 76% of our top 50 items purchased/our basket of goods all being British. This means on the whole our suppliers do not see these items being disrupted or effected by the transition. However, there is a slight concern that other companies and suppliers will want to switch to buying British produce if they can’t get cheaper European produce. This may then impact price and availability but again our suppliers have reassured us they have measures in place to minimise this risk as well.

Our main supplier, Bidfood believes that any challenges with availability of supply are likely to be intermittent, resulting in limited choice rather than food shortages. They have reviewed the risks and importance of all products that could be affected and are now implementing their contingency plans. They already hold approximately three to four weeks’ of stock across their range depending on the specific level of risk identified on a product by product basis. In turn the suppliers in their supply chain are also holding additional levels of stock, which extends the overall stock cover by an additional two to eight weeks where considered appropriate.

Obviously with all of that said, no one is sure of the actual effect of the transition, therefore if we do for any reason have to make slight changes to the menu, we will inform you with as much notice as possible.

Thank you for working with HCL as we continue to do our best to provide excellent meal service in schools.

Yours Sincerely,

Ian Hamilton