16 February, 2018

New Pastures for HCL’s Chief Executive

Lin O’Brien, MBE, stepped down as HCL’s CEO on 31st March 2018 after a 25-year career within school meals in Hertfordshire.

“I have worked within the school meals service in Hertfordshire for over 25 years. Formerly, with Shire County Catering, then Hertfordshire Catering, before we made the transition to HCL, a limited company wholly owned by the County Council. During my earlier years within the business I gained a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience – both working at the frontline and at management level, which then equipped me for my current role of CEO.

Lin shares that “Throughout my career I have been very fortunate in working with colleagues across the business, who have shared my passion and ambition for providing the young people of Hertfordshire with good school food which is not only nutritious, but is appealing to our very diverse customer base.”

“I would like to thank the HCL team for their contribution to the growing success of our national award-winning company (last year HCL delivered over 15 million school meals to pupils across Hertfordshire and beyond) and for the support they have given to both myself and the business.”

“Since 2013 I have been privileged to lead the HCL team in building a national award winning company which is one we can all be proud of and I am confident has a bright future. I would like to thank you all for your contribution to this success and for the support you have given to me and HCL.

On a personal note, receiving an MBE (from Prince William) in 2016, in recognition for my services to education, is indeed a highlight of my career and it gave me great pleasure at the time to be able to share and celebrate this news with colleagues within HCL.

Mike Collier, Chairman of HCL’s Board of Directors stated: “Lin has made a massive contribution over a long period to school meals in Hertfordshire and nationally. She will be sorely missed.” Lin continues as a Non-Executive Director on the HCL Board.