12 December, 2017

HCL (Hertfordshire Catering Ltd) is offering a great Fun Day Lunch to the county’s primary school pupils on 18 January

School kitchens across the county will be offering a Kentucky Baked Chicken Burger main course and Ice Cream Factory dessert to pupils across Hertfordshire.

Lin O’Brien, Chief Executive of HCL, said: 

“This is a great opportunity for pupils to try out a nutritious and healthy meal in a fun and exciting way. We know that being well fed had significant benefits around memory, concentration and energy levels. We’re hoping that this fun menu will encourage more pupils to give school lunches a try more regularly.”

The menu on offer will be:

  • Kentucky Baked Chicken Burger or Spicy Bean Burger, with optional juicy tomato slices, cucumber and onion rings and a dash of tomato ketchup or mayo served with baked potato wedges, steamed corn on the cob and fresh crunchy coleslaw.
  • Delicious low-fat, ice cream served with a choice of toppings including: fresh fruit, hot berry compote, banana slices, toffee sauce or chopped cookie crumble.

All children who already opt for a school lunch will be automatically included in this offer. Children who do not normally have a school meal will need to register with their school to take part.