15 November, 2018

National School Meals Week 2018 comes to Stevenage

HCL (Hertfordshire Catering Limited) and Peartree Spring Primary School, Hydean Way, Stevenage hosted a fantastic Breakfast Celebration in support of National School Meals Week (NSMW) this morning 14th November 2018.

NSMW is the week when the education catering industry comes together to celebrate all the great work that takes place throughout the year in the 22,000+ schools across England and Wales serving over 15 million school meals per week! NSMW is organised by The Lead Association for CAtering in Education (LACA).

HCL planned the Powered by School Meals event which ‘energised’ pupils from a very early 7.45am start this morning, together with presenting five important ‘Powered by School Meals’ messages, emphasising the positive effects of a healthy and nutritious school meal at lunchtime.

Excited pupils of Peartree Spring Primary had the chance to experience the ‘Powered by School Meals’ activity stations set up in support of this entertaining experience throughout their fantastic new school dining rooms, which earlier this year, repositioned the traditional delivery of school meals to become a real, fine dining experience at Peartree Spring Primary School.

The activity stations included:

· Concentration – A buzz wire where the children concentrated on getting to the end of the puzzle whilst trying not to ‘BUZZ’ the buzzer!

· Attainment – A magnetic puzzle where the children selected magnetic pieces to make the design up into a healthy picture

· Energy – Children were encouraged to take part in some simple exercises, similar to circuit training and a selection of workouts to raise their energy levels.

· Nutrition – A demonstration by a chef from NSMW on choosing the right food to help fuel the school day.

It was a fun morning for the pupils whilst delivering some important messages about them eating healthily and demonstrating that school meals have never been better.

Ian Hamilton, HCL CEO said:

 “It was a really successful morning with excited pupils learning about the importance of good nutrition, whilst participating in fun activities to support the healthy lifestyle messages. HCL is extremely proud to work together with schools offering a range of added value, informative services about food and nutrition, alongside servicing up to 65,000 great tasting, nutritionally balanced meals every single day throughout the academic year!

National School Meals Week also celebrates our hard working front line staff, which without their passion, ambition and professional skills in the work they do, day in, day out, our service wouldn’t be so highly regarded.”

The Headteacher, Mrs Teresa Skeggs was joined by Graham McAndrew, Deputy Cabinet Member for Children’s Services; Owen Mapley, Director of Resources, Hertfordshire CC; Ian Hamilton CEO HCL (Hertfordshire Catering Ltd), Lin O’Brien MBE, LACA East of England Chair and Stuart Clarke, LACA East of England Vice Chair and Head of Operations at HCL.