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Healthy, Balanced and tasty meals

HCL is your child’s school lunch provider and we take pride in the meals we serve. Our school meals are packed with great and tasty ingredients to help your child really enjoy lunchtimes at their new school.

Eating the right balance of healthy, tasty food helps all children to learn and develop. That’s why making the right decision about what your child eats at school is so important, and at HCL we are here to assist!

Choosing a school meal will give your child the chance to try new foods and to enjoy eating with their new friends, whilst tucking into delicious meals packed full of the energy and essential nutrients they need to grow and learn.

This website allows you to search for your child’s school menu. Type the name of your child’s school in the search box below, which will take you to a separate page showing the meals available at your child’s school. The carbohydrate count for each dish is also provided. Information about our carefully sourced, quality ingredients can be found by searching for your child's school menu and clicking the "ingredients and nutrition" button at the top of the screen.

Our daily menus offer a choice of food for all pupils so there’s always something to tempt even the most sensitive taste palate!

Health, education and wellbeing

Choosing a School Meal

Supporting your child

We understand how difficult some decisions are when you’re small, and that’s why we encourage our friendly catering teams to support children and the time it may take them to choose what to eat. We take pride in the care and welfare of your child and we want them to feel good about eating great tasting, nutritious food every day. Our on-site teams are very special people and are professionally trained in the completion of strict hygiene checks and practices along with utilising catering craft skills, which ensure the school meal your child enjoys each day is the best it possibly can be.

MAking the right choice for your child

It’s simple, school meals are the best choice for your child’s health, education and wellbeing. Each school meal is designed to meet stringent Government Standards which make sure your child is getting a healthy, balanced mix of food and drink.

School meals also:

  • Encourage children to try different foods, as well as enjoy familiar favourites
  • Give the opportunity to socialise and eat with friends
  • Give you the reassurance that your child is eating well
  • Provide at least two of the recommended 5-a-day portions of fruit and vegetables
  • Help your child to think about healthy eating; which will help them make good food choices in the future
  • Support your child’s concentration and behaviour in the classroom

Choosing a school meal gives you the reassurance that your child is eating well.

Helping you to

Save Money

School meals will save you time and money

It’s easy to assume that making your own lunch is always cheaper. But making lunchboxes which pack in the same variety and nutrition as school meals, day after day, isn’t as cheap as you might think. The time and effort involved in planning, shopping for and preparing a lunchbox, five days a week, really adds up.

Choosing school meals for your child takes away that hassle and will give you back some much-needed hours every week!

If your child is eating a healthy school lunch every day you can have the confidence that they’re getting the variety and nutrition they need during the school day too. That’s one less thing for you to worry about, at a time in their development when children are growing and learning so much.

Though some children prefer the familiarity of a lunch prepared at home, it’s not always easy to make a lunchbox which packs in the same variety and nutrition, on a daily basis, as a school meal. Even “healthier” lunchbox favourites like smoothies, yoghurts and cereal bars can be packed full of sugar. Our school meals meet the national School Food Standards, designed by leading experts in child nutrition, and mean that your child is getting the levels of energy and essential nutrients they need; research shows not all packed lunches meet these same standards.

At the moment all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are automatically entitled to enjoy FREE school meals, even if parents don’t receive one of the qualifying benefits or tax credits.

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